Types Of Medical Alerts

Medical alerts are devices worn by a person having a severe ailment or allergy of any kind. This helps the emergency responders, in a crisis, to react in the correct way to the patient?s ailment. The medical alerts are manufactured and available in a wide range.

It is advisable for patients, suffering from serious ailments like Alzheimer?s, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, blindness, hearing problems and other such diseases to have the medical alert on person or handy.

Push buttons are medical alerts, which are very handy for the elderly as well as the physically challenged people. This device has a button like structure, which can be pushed at the time of duress. It emits a loud siren, which can be heard upto quite a distance. This ensures the speedy arrival of help for the patient.

Panic buttons with base consoles are now available, which will dial, up to four phone numbers and play a custom recorded message to the person answering. These are offered at attractive or no monthly charges. A panic button and console are vital for emergencies, especially for those who live alone.

Personal Pager is another such medical alert, which can call for help from up to 100 feet away. With the push of a button on the pager, the disabled person can summon help without having to scream. The small transmitter, on the pager, sends an electronic signal to the receiver, present with the caregiver. It is not very expensive at around $49.95.

Medical alerts are also available as jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, charms, pendants and such other articles. These are made of different materials such as silver, gold and other precious metals too. A few things which needs to be kept in mind, while fabricating medical alerts is that they should be compact, small, light and user friendly. They should have enough space on them to be able to have the patients details engraved.