The Need For Medical Alerts

Many people wait for an emergency to occur before buying a medical alert device. There are some, still refusing to get one, even after an incident and thus are subjected to the same trauma yet again, without hope of any help. During the crisis, the victim is at times, unable to reach the phone to dial 911,for help. This is when the medical alert devices are of great help. The best time, to save a loved one is, to gift them with a medical alert device before development of any crisis.

Timely diagnosis is crucial for effectual treatment. In case of an emergency, symptoms of ordinary ailments can easily be misdiagnosed. In such an eventuality it is of great help to the investigating medical team, if a short list of crucial medical facts are present on the medical ID. As per a study carried out, emergency responders and medical personnel look for a medical ID on the victim before going in for diagnosis. This saves precious time as well as eliminating chances of misdiagnosis. Medical Ids have helped reduce trips to hospitals, eliminate avoidable hospital admissions and many a time they have also been responsible for saving lives. An engraved medical ID bracelet or necklace giving a brief summary of conditions, medicines and allergies will help medical personnel in treatment.

Medical identification tags are available in the market as attractive bracelets, necklaces, pendants and medallions. Medical alerts are also available in the form of alert phones and alert push buttons.

Older people, prone to various health problems, physically challenged, or people, with ailments like heart attacks, strokes, allergies, pulmonary conditions, asthma, hearing or vision problems and other such diseases should have the medical alert tags with them at all times.

A medical alert should typically have details of medications being taken, any allergies a person has, physical or mental ailments and a phone number for emergency contact. A medical alert would read as Jane Smith, compulsive overeater, insulin dep. diabetic, contact: 555-555-5555.