Best Medical Alert Systems Use a Lock Box for Your Key and Inform First Responders About Your Pets

Medical Alert Systems are the best elderly monitoring devices around. They can assist seniors in an emergency and give a first alert to the paramedics and your loved ones. Most importantly, they can give you and your loved ones peace of mind as well as keep the senior independent. This is common knowledge as far as medical alert systems go, but usually seniors have a lot of other questions and concerns besides the obvious.

For instance, let’s say there is an emergency situation and a senior pushes the emergency button on the medical pendant. How will the paramedics get into the home? Different medical alert companies recommend different solutions. Some will encourage you to leave a key under the doormat in case of emergency. However, I think that’s a pretty risky move. You certainly don’t want your solution to also allow people other than the paramedics to have a way into your home.

Some companies recommend using a realtor’s lockbox instead. This way, you can safely lock a key in it and only you and the medical alarm company will have the combination. If an emergency strikes, that is when the medical alert company will give a first alert to the paramedics and give them the combination at the time of the dispatch only.

Every once in a while there are homes where a lock box doesn’t quite fit securely on their doorknob. If this happens to you but you are still committed to having a lock box, you can go to your local hardwood store and simply replace your doorknob with one that will fit the lock box. If you don’t want to change the door knob on your front door, you also have the option of changing it on the back door instead. As long as you notify your medical alert company where the lock box is, the paramedics will be able to use it to gain access. Some of these companies even offer a lockbox for free with the purchase of a medical alert system. That is a great deal.

Another concern for the elderly is what happens to their pets in the event of an emergency? If the senior needs to be taken away to the hospital and lives alone, there are usually two things a medical alarm company will do. The monitoring center will give a first alert to the paramedics and notify them an animal is in the home. They will take special note if the animal is timid, aggressive, or has any other pertinent qualities. If the senior is worried about leaving the animal alone, they can also tell their alert company if they need to leave the home, a loved one should be notified to come and pick up the animal.

Most medical alert companies are happy to work with their seniors regarding their animals. Most companies understand that pets can be just like family and those with the best customer service will do whatever they can to keep their seniors happy and their animals safe!

Why Caregivers and Doctors Recommend Medical Alert Systems

Doctors know the importance of having round-the-clock medical monitoring, especially for high-risk patients. Any serious medical emergency could occur anytime, and because doctors have no accurate way of predicting when it would happen, the only logical way to manage it is by conducting 24-hour monitoring of the patient. However, such kind of monitoring is not particularly cost-effective, especially for patients or seniors who are still able to get around.

Caregivers, on the other hand, could only do so much. Such as attending to the ache and pains of the senior, helping them with bathing, and assisting them with their daily activities, but their attention is limited. Unless we’re speaking of multiple caregivers who alternate shifts in 24-hour periods, caregivers would go home at the end of the day, leaving the senior on their own.

Obviously, there is a gap in attention, and unfortunately, it is through those gaps that accidents happen. Caregivers and doctors recommend medical alert system primarily because the service could accomplish things that they could not. Usually, caregivers have other responsibilities and concerns-they also have a life, a family to attend to, and a job that demands their professional attention. That’s why giving all the obligations on the caregiver’s shoulders is essentially risking eventual neglect of the senior.

These days, medical alerts are advanced and efficient. Back during their early days in the 1970s, medical alert were bulky, and it was hard for seniors to wear the devices. Worse, the early medical alerts were not waterproof, so they could not be worn in the bathroom. This was a crucial weakness: most accidents involving seniors occur in the bathroom-a slip on the tiled floor or the bath tub can be fatal when not immediately attended to.

Fortunately, like other in-demand and important technologies, medical alerts have evolved in terms of sophistication and efficiency. No longer are such devices bulky and a hassle to use. The medical alerts you’ll find being offered by different providers these days are built and designed for daily durability-they are waterproof and can be worn at all times, even when the wearer is in the bathroom. The medical alerts are also small, lightweight and designed compactly enough that it is easy for the wearer to be no longer self-conscious about it.

Using a medical alert system is so simple that even seniors who find trouble understanding technical instructions will be able to quickly use the system. Basically, there are no technical instructions-the senior only needs to “wear” the device (either as a bracelet or as a necklace pendant) and press the button whenever a need arises. Whether the seniors is plagued with-a heart attack, a dizziness spell-and they’re alone in the house with the caregiver miles away, they simply press that button and a professionally trained response center responder will speak to them from the loudspeaker of the system’s base unit. Other types of medical alerts can also be set to automatically call 911 or the nearest neighbor or medical facility whenever the device “detects” that the senior has an accident in the home-a slip on the floor, a fall, or some sudden inactivity that may indicate loss of consciousness.

A medical alert system can enable doctors or caregivers to have a better control of their loved one’s situation-the devices and the 24/7 monitoring associated with their use can easily fill in what the common caregiver could not do, which is remain with their aging loved one at all times. After all, a medical alert system, thanks to technological advances in manufacturing and wireless communication, is now very affordable, with a minimal monthly fee of around $20. For the breadth and scope of a medical alert system’s service, along with its other perks, we’d say that the monthly service fee is indeed a very small price to pay for ensuring the safety of a loved one.

A Guide To Medical Alerts

Medical alerts are devices that help the patient, to get adequate help of the right type during an emergency. They have become an acceptable and obligatory fashion accessory in the present day world. Medical alert articles are easily available in the form of jewelry such as pendants, medallions, bracelets, and necklaces. Medical alerts are also available in the form of alert phones and alert push buttons.

It is recommended that people who are suffering from ailments such as hearing, diabetes, Alzheimer?s and other such ailments, as also elders staying alone, should go in for such medical alerts at the earliest, without waiting for a crisis to develop. A medical alert has details of the medical condition of the person, the medications being taken, any allergies a person has, and a phone number for emergency contact. It is seen that the victims who have these medical alerts on their person are attended to, faster as the medical condition is established. This reduces the chance of wrong diagnosis or wrong medication.

At times, the elderly victim is unable to reach the telephone or dial in times of a crisis. The services of a push button console would turn out to be quite handy in such cases. This device has a button like structure, which can be pushed at the time of duress. It emits a loud siren, which can be heard up to quite some distance. This ensures the speedy arrival of help for the victim.

These devices are easily available in the local market as well as on various online sites. A buyer can also look for umpteen schemes and discounts offered, which make the purchase quite affordable. Most online companies are also known to give free shipping and installing charges. It is advisable to ensure, like in buying any other item, that the price quoted is competitive. The after sale service can also be checked, if possible with a previous customer.

Hence it is advisable to choose from the wide array of the medical alerts available, to protect the near and dear ones from an unforeseen disaster.