Having A Medical Alert Service Diminishes The Fear Of Falling In Seniors

When a person falls, this can shake their confidence. Imagine a skateboarder in the park that takes a nasty spill, or a young mom in the grocery store missing the wet floor sign and slipping in front of many other customers. These people would probably feel embarrassment and start acting more cautiously about their surroundings. These feelings are common for anyone who takes a fall, but for seniors, the consequences of a fall are often much more serious than that of a younger individual. They could end up with an injury that keeps them from ever walking again, or being unable to stand on their own. Taking away their autonomy can lead them to loss of confidence and often times, severe depression. Everyone wants to have the ability to take care of him or herself. Regardless of enjoying being taken care of by others, when the ability to take care of oneself is no longer an option, this can be devastating news. They know their lives will never be the same.

A medical alert service can restore that confidence within a senior individual that has taken a fall at home. It is possible that when they fell the first time, no one was around to help them and that made them feel helpless, stuck for a much longer period of time than they should have been. This can instill not only a feeling of helplessness, but also anger; anger for the fact that they were not able to help themselves. They will be forever carrying around the thought “If only I could have done more to protect myself this would not have happened.”

When they return home from the hospital, it may have turned into a scary place for them. How can they regain confidence, autonomy and give their family members peace of mind? Well, a medical alert service will greatly help a senior achieve all of these things and more.

Patient Regains Autonomy
A medical alert service would allow the patient to move seamlessly through their home without a bulky phone in their pocket that could easily go out of range, or worrying that they may fall again and be unable to call or signal anyone for help. This can greatly change their daily routine. Without a medical alert service, they may feel too frightened to move around or just simply go about every day life. Clearly, if they fell once before, they might fall again. The fear can easily keep them from completing even simple every day tasks because of the fear that while doing them they may fall again.

In addition to the fear that they feel, the family members and other loved ones might become especially protective of them and keep them from doing much of anything. Family, or a home health care professional might now be in the house at all times. This will diminish the ability of the patient to regain autonomy even more.

With a medical alert service at the home, this will allow both the patient and their family to breath a sigh of relief and release the fear. A simple medical alert bracelet, necklace or pendant will be on the patient’s body at all times. If the awful event of a fall happens again, the patient will be able to quickly press their medical alert button and reach someone that can help them. This will easily allow the patient and their loved ones to feel confident enough to go about their regular routine as usual. Even if they do suffer another fall, help is right there for them.

Increased Confidence for the Patient
As mentioned before, after a fall many patients become fearful that it may happen again. This is especially true if it took a long time for them to receive help the first time. With a medical alert service at home, confidence can be immediately restored in the patient just by seeing a demo of how one works. When having a medical alert system installed, it is always good practice to test it out for a trial run. Most devices have a feature to test how the device is working without having to disturb the operators in the call center that need to be available for emergency calls. Simply make sure this feature is active and run through a simulation with the device so that the patient can feel comfortable and confident when using the service.

When confidence is restored in a senior that has experienced a tough fall, it leads everything else in their lives to start getting back to normal. Without confidence in their surroundings and the knowledge that if an accident does occur again, they are prepared to get the help they need, it is unlikely that they will ever be able to resume their lives as they once were. A lack of confidence and the inability to go back to the regular routine can drive them to severe depression. This can even end up cutting a person’s life short. If the patient does not feel like life is much worth living, their health will continue to deteriorate. A medical alert system can reinstate confidence in a patient, giving them the will to live again.

Peace of Mind for the Family
It is clear that autonomy, confidence and peace of mind are all dependent upon each other in this situation, so it is certainly lucky that a medical alert system can help with all three. If the family members and loved ones close to the patient lack the peace of mind necessary to feel safe leaving the patient alone, then they never will. This means that the patient is unable to regain autonomy since their family is taking care of everything for them, never allowing their confidence in themselves to rise again.

With a medical alert system in place, the patient’s family will know that if they fall again, they can quickly access help with the push of a button. Having the medical alert system in place will give the family enough peace of mind to start leaving their loved one on their own again.

Overall, a medical alert system is an invaluable service that can restore normal living practices to a senior after a scary fall. With confidence, autonomy and peace of mind restored, there is nothing that can keep them from living a happy healthy life all on their own.