Best Medical Alert Systems Use a Lock Box for Your Key and Inform First Responders About Your Pets

Medical Alert Systems are the best elderly monitoring devices around. They can assist seniors in an emergency and give a first alert to the paramedics and your loved ones. Most importantly, they can give you and your loved ones peace of mind as well as keep the senior independent. This is common knowledge as far as medical alert systems go, but usually seniors have a lot of other questions and concerns besides the obvious.

For instance, let’s say there is an emergency situation and a senior pushes the emergency button on the medical pendant. How will the paramedics get into the home? Different medical alert companies recommend different solutions. Some will encourage you to leave a key under the doormat in case of emergency. However, I think that’s a pretty risky move. You certainly don’t want your solution to also allow people other than the paramedics to have a way into your home.

Some companies recommend using a realtor’s lockbox instead. This way, you can safely lock a key in it and only you and the medical alarm company will have the combination. If an emergency strikes, that is when the medical alert company will give a first alert to the paramedics and give them the combination at the time of the dispatch only.

Every once in a while there are homes where a lock box doesn’t quite fit securely on their doorknob. If this happens to you but you are still committed to having a lock box, you can go to your local hardwood store and simply replace your doorknob with one that will fit the lock box. If you don’t want to change the door knob on your front door, you also have the option of changing it on the back door instead. As long as you notify your medical alert company where the lock box is, the paramedics will be able to use it to gain access. Some of these companies even offer a lockbox for free with the purchase of a medical alert system. That is a great deal.

Another concern for the elderly is what happens to their pets in the event of an emergency? If the senior needs to be taken away to the hospital and lives alone, there are usually two things a medical alarm company will do. The monitoring center will give a first alert to the paramedics and notify them an animal is in the home. They will take special note if the animal is timid, aggressive, or has any other pertinent qualities. If the senior is worried about leaving the animal alone, they can also tell their alert company if they need to leave the home, a loved one should be notified to come and pick up the animal.

Most medical alert companies are happy to work with their seniors regarding their animals. Most companies understand that pets can be just like family and those with the best customer service will do whatever they can to keep their seniors happy and their animals safe!